Hello Everyone,

After almost 5 years, Marlee's will close on May 30,2015. We really appreciate your support and realize that without it we could not have survived.

Starting Monday, May 11th, we will be closed during the week days and only open for evening events. We will remain open on Saturdays until our closure on May 30th.

Thank you from the Marlee's Team!! Close Window

Marlee's Coffee & Tea House was an idea conceived by Gary and Bettye Donaldson. They were planning something to carry them away from corporate america and transform their lives into a new and peaceful existence. They desired to create a pleasant and wonderful home away from home. Their vision of a tranquil retreat with style and warmth was starting to flourish. Coincidentally, they just welcomed a new addition to their family--their granddaughter. Welcome to Marlee's (their granddaughter's middle name) Coffee and Tea House.